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2021 Edge: Question about enabling what Ford has defaulted as Disabled


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United States
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2021 Ford Edge ST
Ford Edge ST:

I have taken all my CD's (which are no longer playable on the new Fords) and burned them to a flash drive as .WAV files. Each CD's files are in a dedicated folder labelled Album 1, Album 2, etc. However, when I attempt to play them by choosing to browse albums, the audio system doesn't recognize the individual folders as albums, but instead shows every song on the flash drive.
After a sit-down session in the vehicle with a Ford technician, I was told that in order for the system to recognize the folders as albums, I should have burned the songs as MP3 files (not my preference).
However, it was determined that if I chose "Explore" files, rather than to show albums, then the flash drive folders (or "albums") become individually accessible, and the contents can be displayed for playing.
This works very well...

EXCEPT, after an album is finished playing while I'm driving, and I try to get to the menu that allows me once again to explore the folders and select another album, the on-screen button is grayed-out, and pressing it results in the message (and I'm paraphrasing here) that this function is disabled while the car is in motion. Which is ridiculous - does this mean that if I'm on a road trip on the highway, I have to stop the car to select another album?
Not acceptable!

Which brings me to my question: is there a way to toggle this "disable" function so that I can access my audio files while driving? I can't seem to find it in the audio system menus, and any help would be greatly appreciated,

Thank you.

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