Oil changes, etc.


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Just picked up my new Edge ST. As per my normal "overkill" mentality, I was planning on changing oil at 500, 1500, 3000 and 5000 miles for the first 4 changes (I don't put a lot of miles on a vehicle) and thereafter, every 2500 miles. Much to my surprise, Service Manager told me rings were new, "low tension" rings, and needed some "dirty" (small amount of particulate) oil to seat the rings, and I should NOT change oil for the first 3000 miles--drive what the vehicle was supplied with! Thereafter, I could go to my 2500 mile interval. I WILL run 93 octane only (central PA, NO E-85 which MAY require some major ECU and fuel system re-tuning) to get max efficiency. So far, computer is showing 24 mpg overall on my semi-rural/small town travels.