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Fellow Edge owners. Keep it clean and shined!


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First off, I am not endorsing or getting paid for any of products listed. They are what I use, and they work for ME!

I have had 4 different Edge vehicles since 2013. My method for cleaning and detailing is simple. I take my Edge unit to a local car wash, in my case, that uses synthetic cleaning brushes and de-mineralized water. This helps TREMENDOUSLY! Next, I wipe down the surfaces of the car with either supplied micro-fiber cloths or the ones I buy for myself. Microfiber is the best! No haze scrathes in the paint! Take the unit home and throughly clean the interior. Vaccuum it out. Pull the carpeted floorboard covers out and wash with Dawn dishwashing liquid.Then RINSE! Other products will work, but Dawn is great at cleaning, and it doesn't leave residue. It is also very reasonably priced and available. Clean the marks and discolored areas on the upholstery, leather, head-liner, or vinyl areas with appropriate cleaning supplies. Wash the inside and outside of ALL glass surfaces with glass cleaner with any brand that is suitable to you. Now, detail the dash, the air outlets, the cup holders, the instrument panels, the console, the door cut-outs, and scuffed door ways with MILD and a minimal detergent mixture of warm water and Dawn dish soap. Use clean microfiber cloths to rid your vehicle of all this dust and dirty marks. I use small soft brushes to get the tight areas clean. I wash down and rinse or wipe all of the door openings, under-pinnings, and door jambs until they are clean! Finish with a conditioner made for all rubber and vinyl surfaces.

For the paint, I use Clay Bars (CHOSE FROM MANY AVAILABLE PRODUCTS) to rid the surface of contaminants as stated on the packaging. Wipe the clayed area with a slightly damp microfiber cloth, then dry it with another soft cloth. Next apply a ceramic-type coating of your choice according to the given directions. Many are available, but listen, I use Nexgen. I am not endorsing, nor do I work for or get paid by Nexgen, but, and this a the truth....it works!

Now your car needs some attenion to it's wheels and tires. Clean the tires with that Dawn solution, and rinse them down. Let them dry. Apply a coating of tire shine or other type of tire care product on the sidewall surfaces. If you want more shine, apply another coating to the sidewalls. Clean your wheels the same way. Wash them with Dawn, rinse them, and dry them by hand with a soft towel or microsoft cloth. WHY? The dreaded "water spots". You can apply polish, waxes or coating to your wheels for SHINE!

NOW!!!!! STEP BACK and ADMIRE your work! It takes some time, but it will clean up much easier the inevitable next time. An automobile will not keep itself clean or stay clean if your DRIVE it or use it!

Good Luck,